What is "khalbali arts"?

khalbali arts  is more of a thought process than a company's name. Our ideology is to make this world a better place and along with that figure out purpose of our own lives.

'Khalbali' is an urdu word which means agitation. It refers to the thought that doesn't let you rest. A thought that wants you to achieve what you want, be best of you and not give up on your dreams.
It is this khalbali that drives us, makes us believe that "we can". Makes us believe that we can change things, make them better.
It is this khalbali that made us who we are, it is what that gives our life a meaning. A passion that drives us to make a positive change around us.

That is the reason we call ourselves as 'khalbali arts', because we think we are artists driven by our khalbali to paint our world the best we can.

So guys here's our unofficial motto:
khalbali hai khalbali!!